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SWCAA is a Community Interest Company and this means we are a not for profit organisation and we rely on our membership fees and any donations we receive to keep SWCAA running, thus enabling us to provide allotment holders and gardeners with a much needed service. The fees you pay to us as an individual or as an association/group are to become members of SWCAA.

Our main function is as an information and support organisation. We try hard to be unbeaten of the quality of friendly support and service as well as on our prices.

Nearly all Allotment Associations are affiliated to a larger organisation, by being part of ours you are supporting and helping to promote what we do and helping us to spread the word (see our mission statement) In return we offer FREE Public Liability Insurance cover, Free Employer's Liability cover included with your membership, a quarterly newsletter, seed scheme, members area and we will also do our best to help with all types of allotment related issues. No one knows what is around the corner or when you might need help, so by becoming a member you know that the support is there when you need it.  Being part of a larger group also enables us to put you in touch with others that have achieved things like setting up a new site or association or that have been fighting eviction.  There are many scenarios that can benefit from being able to talk to someone who has been through it.

Your membership fees go towards our administration and running costs as well as the running and up keep of our website.  They also go towards the costs involved in supporting other individuals and associations when they encounter problems.

Information on how to become a member of SWCAA can be found in our membership section here.


Your personal details provided to SWCAA during the signup process are protected under the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).