Organisations Offering Funding

Looking for allotment grants for can be a bit of minefield especially in todays climate.  Funding is more limited and more and more groups are after the same pot of money. One the most frequent enquiries we receivve is from people wanting to know where to start.  So whether you want to start a brand new site or community project or errect new fencing to protect your site we hope the links and information below will help.  Further information on the grant application process can be found here.

If you have any projects that have been successful in applying for funding please let us know and we can feature you on our website.

Awards for All - A Lottery grants scheme funding small, local community-based projects in the UK

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation - Primary interests are in the arts, education and learning, the environment and enabling disadvantaged people to participate fully in society.

The Co Operative Community Fund

B&Q Waste Donation Scheme

Also worth a try are:
Local Authorities who sometimes have funding available to support local projects
Your local Lions, Round Table or Rotary Club