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Communal Hut Insurance

Mon, 10/03/2016

You may be aware that SWCAA have been investigating on your behalf the possibility of providing a solution for communal Hut/Shed Insurance to insure against damage to the structure and the contents within it.

We are now pleased to inform you that we have an insurer happy to provide this cover subject to certain policy terms. Nick Bailey at BGi has been working closely with an insurer who have now agreed that they will insure the buildings and contents on a standalone basis (separate from your liability cover that we provide for you). There will of course be minimum security requirements in terms of how all accessible doors and windows are secured, however they are prepared to be quite flexible and look at each risk on its own merits.

This is to be offered via SWCAA on a trial basis so as to gain an insight into how many of you will be interested in this type of insurance. BGi have also said that as an exclusive for SWCAA members, should they be successful in quoting and writing your business they would be happy to offer a discount off your home insurance as an added benefit in the future too. If you are interested and would like to discuss this further, please contact Nick Bailey at or by telephone on 07712 667337.