Are eviction procedures getting out of hand?

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Are eviction procedures getting out of hand?

Thu, 03/02/2023

SWCAA are being increasingly contacted by plot holders all across the country who are being faced with eviction from their plots with no justifiable reasons being given. The situation is worrying especially with more associations being handed over the management of their sites by local councils. It seems that many (not all) associations are taking this control to the extreame and there is no one to oversee them.  They are not following the rules set for them in their constitutions and running things as they wish. This is causing huge distress to plot holders who are in some cases being bullied and intimidated at an unbelievable level, something we are very concerned about and that we are woriking hard to stop. Unfortunately many associations follow old, outdated rules that suit the associations but not plot holders and they do not reflect where we are in today’s modern world.

To evict someone and give no reason is unfair and we feel that when adopting their constitution committees should make sure they are just, fair and represent the needs of everyone.  Many groups or associations do make their own fair rules whilst still following the basic guidlines.  Allotments have changed and the rules should change to reflect this.  These evictions seem to be mostly happening because association committee members take a dislike to someone or they fear they are interfering or asking to many questions of the committee. Many committees have been left for to long to get away with this behaviour and when they are challenged close ranks on those involved.  

If you would like any help or information on governing documents please contact us.  Further information on eviction procedures is available in the members area.